Firecracker Penstemon
(Eaton's Penstemon)

Genus Penstemon
Figwort Family (Scrophulariaceae)

Alt: Eaton's Penstemon

Eaton's Penstemon
(Penstemon eatonii)

This plant grows about 2 feet tall, on dry hillsides. The flowers hang downward from the stem. Each flower has the typical 5-lobed corolla which is common to all penstemons, but the lobes are not as pronounced as most and do not flare open at the mouth.

From a distance, this plant superficially resembles the Scarlet Gilia and the Wild Fuchsia, but on looking closer it is easy to see that they are not really similar in the shape of the flowers.

Alt: Eaton's (Firecracker) Penstemons