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After a long and eventful life (the organization was founded in 1954), the UTAH NATURE STUDY SOCIETY has been forced to "deactivate" because of lack of new leadership. All of the events since June 1998, when the final Board Meeting was held, have been planned unofficially. We have had to discontinue publication of NATURE NEWS NOTES, and additional future events will be held informally.
This web site may be one of the last points of contact among Utah people with an interest in nature activities. Browse through the pages to read about some of the things we have done in the past. And check back often -- many of us are continuing to enjoy getting together out-of-doors to experience nature. Come out and join us!

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Read about some of the things we have done,
and get some ideas for yourself!

September 22, 2001 8:30 AM
Autumn in the Uintas
Meet in the parking lot of Fred Meyers at 3285 E. 3300 South. We will go up through Francis and Woodland, and over Wolf Creek Pass. From a high overlook, we will see the lovely Hart Lake, which is shaped like a Swallowtail butterfly. We will see a beaver dam, and will enjoy the beautiful fall colors.
Bring binoculars, hand lens, lunch, and insect repellent. Dress for the weather!
Leader: John Elieson
Call Dot Platt -- 484-2366

July 30, 2001 9:00 AM
Albion Basin -- Above Alta in Little Cottonwood Canyon
Meet at the upper parking lot in Alta. There is an entry station here, near the end of the paved road. We will proceed from there for a couple of miles up the dirt road to the Albion Basin camp ground -- then walk and view the flowers.
Bring binoculars, hand lens, lunch, and insect repellent.
Leader: Dot Platt --------------- 484-2366

May 25, 2001 9:00 AM
Hidden Hollow, in the middle of Sugar House area.
Park south of 21st South, below 13th East.
This is a delightful tiny jewel, started by the KOP Kids.

May 5, 2001 8:00 AM
Bear River Bird Refuge
Meet at Garden Center, 16th East and 21st South.
Bring lunch and bird-watching equipment.
Leader: Dot Platt --------------- 484-2366

April 21, 2001 9:00 AM
Farmington Bay Bird Refuge
A special trip. Bring binoculars, scopes, cameras, etc.
Dress for the weather.
Leader: Dot Platt --------------- 484-2366

March 3, 2001 10:00 AM
Jordan River Walkway
Meet at Redwood Park, off Redwood Road at 2320 South. Turn east at the second light from the overpass over Redwood Road. Drive east for about 9/10 mile, until you come to the little park near the river. Earlier this year we saw hundreds of birds here -- and in the middle of winter, surrounded by an industrial area!
Dress for the weather.
Leader: Dot Platt --------------- 484-2366

January, 2001 10:00 AM
City Creek Canyon -- Winter Walk
Meet at the entrance to the canyon.
How to get there: Take 11th Avenue west to the end of the road, then turn right -- down into the canyon. There is a parking area near the gate. Lock your valuables in the trunk of your car (out of sight).
Leader: Peter Hovingh ------- 359-4791

* * *

This web site is currently available for use as a bulletin board by anyone interested in nature activities. If YOU want some company on an outing or other nature oriented activity, let me know by e-mail (see below). I will then post your announcement on this web page. If there is anyone out in the real world who reads these pages, and is interested in going along with you, they could call you (or contact me) to find out the details. Let me know any thoughts you have on this subject.


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