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Reports of Some Past Outings

1966 Trip to the Sand Dunes ---- by Dot Platt
1973 Trip to the Sand Dunes ---- by Flora Duncan
1976 Trip to the Sand Dunes ---- by Stan Mulaik
Outings to the Jericho Sand Dunes in past years.
Descriptions of the changes we have seen in that time.

Lone Rock ---------------- Report by Dot Platt
UNSS trip to Lone Rock in Skull Valley
in September, 1996. Leader: Art King

UNSS Trip to Hogle Zoo ---- Report by Dot Platt
A visit to the zoo on a snowy day.

Winter Walk in City Creek Canyon
UNSS outing in City Creek Canyon on a winter morning.

An Excursion to Hardware Ranch
Elk being fed in the winter, in Blacksmith Fork Canyon.
Report by Leonora Cook

Trip to Topaz
UNSS field trip and camp-out in the Topaz Mountain area
in March, 1997. Leader: Justin Kreek

Lytle Ranch ---------------- Report by Dot Platt
A trip to Lytle Ranch Nature Preserve in May.
Dot Platt led this trip to southwestern Utah
where The Nature Conservancy and BYU have
preserved an area in its natural state.

The Spruces ---------- Report by Brooke Gordan
A field trip to The Spruces on June 28, 1997
Tony Dietz led the trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon
to this popular campground and recreation area.

Albion Basin
Several excursions to Albion Basin, the area above Alta
in Little Cottonwood Canyon, to see the wildflowers.

Wasatch Foothill Wildflowers
A nature "creep" along the foothills on May 16, 1998.
Ty Harrison led the outing, and showed us a natural
environment right outside the city.

Raft River Mountains -- Clear Creek Campground
This is a remote and unspoiled area of Utah, in the far
northwest corner of the state.