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The Mulaiks

Stan Dodie

* * *

The lives of thousands of people have been touched by Stan and Dodie Mulaik. Who doesn't remember receiving a polished rock from Stan, or a hug from Dodie. For many years the Mulaiks visited schools all over the state, teaching teachers and children about nature study. Folks of all ages enjoyed joining them in nature "creeps" at outings sponsored by the Utah Nature Study Society, an organization which was founded by Stan and Dodie in 1954. This organization is dedicated to helping people experience and learn about nature. How to THINK, how to SEE, how to EXPERIENCE nature -- those were the things that always fascinated the Mulaiks. They were always curious about the world around them, and interested in everything they saw. Their knowledge was vast, but they were always eager to find out about something that was new to them. Their enthusiasm about nature was contagious, and was perhaps their most important and memorable legacy.
They could usually be found in the center of a large group of people. People of all ages flocked around them to find out what they had to "show and tell". They had the talent of being able to find something interesting wherever they went, and causing others to also become interested in it. Their students (and their student's students) are now sharing with those of younger generations what they learned from this delightful couple.
Stan and Dodie also spent many summers participating in the "Conservation Summits" sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation -- again teaching adults and young people about nature. After years of dedicated service, the Mulaiks received the "Connie Award" from the National Wildlife Federation for their contribution to the Conservation Summits in leading hundreds of people, including teachers and others, in their self-styled nature "creeps".
* * *

From information
provided by their son
Stanley Allen Mulaik

Adapted for
by Sandra Bray

MEMORY -- An Essay by Stan Mulaik