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Sandra Shuler

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Sandra Shuler

Children: 5
Grandchildren: 16
Great grandchildren: 1

Most memorable experience at Tooele High School:
Playing in the band at the football and basketball games.
Singing with the girls' double trio; traveling assemblies.

Favorite teachers/class:
Mr. and Mrs. Lee -- Mrs. Lee was my home-room teacher in seventh grade, the first year I went to school in Tooele. I was quite shy, and everybody else had known each other since grade school. She helped me feel confident enough to speak up and participate in the class.
The next year I started playing in the band, and became acquainted with Mr. Lee and with their daughter, Karen. From then on, I often spent time at their home, and even went on family trips with them.
Many of my other teachers were also very special -- too many to name individually. I learned a lot from all of them.

Brief update on life since leaving Tooele High School:
In August 1955, soon after graduating from the University of Utah, I married Garland L. Bray (from Bingham High School -- class of 1948). I had met him a couple of years earlier in a chemistry class at the U of U, where we were both students.

Our first daughter was born a year after our marriage (August 1956). Then, in February 1958 a second daughter was born, and sixteen months after that (in June 1959) along came a third girl. At that time, the oldest child was not yet three years old. By then, we badly needed a larger house, and we purchased our home in Hunter (now West Valley City) soon after. We have lived there ever since. Our two sons were born after we moved there (1960 and 1962).

In 1967, when all of the kids were in school, I started to think about getting a job and going to work. At that time, the computer industry was so new that the colleges were not producing enough graduates to fill the positions which were needed. Programmers were being hired on the basis of aptitude tests, and were then trained on the job. I was fortunate enough to get one of these positions with civil service, at Hill Air Force Base. I worked at Hill, and at the Defense Depot in Ogden, writing and maintaining programs for the large main-frame computers. I finally retired in June 2000, after a career of 33 years.

I am now enjoying my free time just doing what I want -- spending more time with my family. We have a ranch in Wayne County, where we spend a lot of time. Life is quiet and relaxed there -- no pollution, no traffic noise. We can see jillions of stars in the sky at night, and can often hear the coyotes singing.

I still enjoy messing around with computers, too, although the PC that I have at home is nothing like the computers I used to work with. I have always been interested in photography, and lately I have been using a digital camera along with the computer to process the photos. I still have a lot to learn, but I am enjoying it. I hope I never run out of things to be interested in.