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Wayne Peterson

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Wayne Peterson

Children: 6
Grandchildren: 17

Most memorable experience at Tooele High School:
This is too tough to answer. I remember with fondness all of my classmates. Associating with most of them since kindergarten, we had a certain closeness through the years. There is a comfort that comes from this kind of association and familiarity, especially when you're young. You come to know where you fit in, and the degree of acceptance you attained. I loved attending the football and basketball games. The assemblies were great fun, and lunch hours on the front lawn at the old high school were daily rites of passage. I'll always remember when Miss Bodrero took us swimming at the old Wasatch Plunge in Salt Lake. The dances and proms were such special happenings in my life. These were big events, and our teachers and parents made us feel so important and grown up. Since those days I've forgotten how to dance and have that kind of excitement. My first love happened in those days too. What a heady time it was! I wish that I had more self confidence then, or hadn't been so shy. I could have been involved in many more activities.

Favorite teachers/class:
Looking back, I loved every class at Tooele High School -- even Julian Wood's typing class (which was difficult and ofttimes boring for me. But typing, as poor as I am at it, is something I've used for many years now. How I loved Silas Young's physics class, and going down and talking with him about math, physics and stuff, when he had the chemistry students busy, and could spare a little time to talk to me. I'll always remember Emerson Powell's machine shop class, and Doc Maughan's wood shop classes, and Ross McArthur's class in basic electricity. Many of the principles I learned in those classes have stayed with me all my life and helped lay a foundation for more advanced training.
And what a debt of gratitude I have for Chileon Halladay, Kenneth Richardson, and Doc Frandsen as they tried so hard to help me with English grammar, literature, poetry, and composition. It certainly wasn't my favorite subject in those days! Our favorite vacation is to attend the Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City. This summer will be our 15th celebration of the Festival. Strange as it may seem, I have had to rely on my writing as much or more than my technical training. During my last years at Tooele Army Depot, I did most of the report writing for our engineering division, since most of the engineers couldn't write well enough to please the boss. It was an ego trip for me when the boss asked me to do those special reports.

Brief update on life since leaving Tooele High School:
1952 -- 1954: Attended BYU and worked at International Smelting & Refining Company, and Morrison Knudsen Construction to help pay for schooling, mission, etc.
1954 -- 1956: Served as missionary in Texas-Louisiana / Gulf States mission.
1957 -- 1959: Enlisted in U.S. Naval Reserve and served two years active duty. Stationed in San Diego, California the entire two years, due to the work I was in (Data Processing). IBM equipment in those days were not put on ships. Married Sandra Lee Anderson, April 1957. First child was born in San Diego just before I was released to inactive reserve status.
1959 -- 1967: Employed doing data processing work for Strevell- Patterson Finance Co. (1 year), and Ford Motor Co. (6 1/2 years).
Started work at Tooele Army Depot, June 1967. Retired June 1993. Graduated from University of Utah Engineering Technology program with two Associate Engineering degrees in 1975. Youngest child was born in 1974, making a total of six children (3 boys, 3 girls). Two of the boys are identical twins.
My mother passed away in July 1980, just a few months short of her 69th birthday. My father passed away in 1998 at age 88.
In January 1994, I began a part time job with what has become known as Labcorp. I work as a courier who picks up medical specimens from doctors and returns them to the lab for analysis. I then deliver the reports generated by the specimens back to the doctors on the next day (usually). The job is pleasant, has no stress and doesn't pay much, but it does give us some extra spending money.
Our children are pretty close, except the one in Monroe. One lives in Centerville, the rest are in the Salt Lake Valley area. One son is a journeyman plumber, one is a machinist, and one is a cabinet maker. One daughter is a pharmacist, one is a pharmacy technician and is married to a pharmacist. The other daughter's husband is trying to become a pharmacist, while she works to help support the family.
1998 -- Present: I was called to be Bishop of the Murray 19th Ward in March 1998. Released in January 2002. Had heart problems in February 2002 -- three stents implanted in heart. Healthwise, we are doing pretty good. A couple of years ago, Sandra and I purchased a building lot in Monroe, Utah (south of Richfield) where our youngest daughter lives. We are now in the process of getting our Murray home ready to sell, and hope to move to Monroe this summer. Monroe is very small (about 1800 population) and quiet. There is no pollution nor congestion there. We have mixed emotions about moving, since we have roots in both Tooele and Murray. Right now it seems like the right thing to do.