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Keith Davies

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Keith Davies

Children: 5
Grandchildren: 15

Most memorable experience at Tooele High School:
Mrs. Evans (the principal's wife) was substitute teaching -- so Don Ith and I sluffed her class and went fishing. The next day she made us stand before the class and apologize for sluffing and going fishing.

Favorite teachers/class:
Clarke Imlay -- Art -- Goofing off

Brief update on life since leaving Tooele High School:
After completing High School, I went to the University of Utah for one year, before I was called by my Church to the Great Lakes Mission for two years.

Shortly after returning home, I married my sweetheart who had waited for me while on a mission. We were married on Friday the 13th of July, 1956. Shortly thereafter, I received a Greeting to serve in the military.

I completed Basic Training at Fort Hood, Texas, and started Signal School training at Fort Gordon, Georgia, before my wife could join me. I spent most of my military assignment working in Signal Maintenance at Fort Carson, Colorado. Our first son was born in Colorado.

After serving in the military for two years, I needed to find a career, so I entered the Salt Lake School of Electronics to better train myself in electronics, which had started in the military. I worked for IBM as a customer engineer in the Los Angeles area for over a year. During this time I received further schooling from IBM on all of their data processing equipment.

This country boy did not like the big city of Los Angeles, and decided to take an Electronics job in the Utah area. I worked for both Thiokol and the Boeing Company here in Utah as a technician, electrical engineer, and later as an Associate Scientist for a total of 30 years. During the time that I was making a living, I also had many leadership duties in my church, including Bishop and Stake President.

We have four sons and one daughter, all married and living at the present time in Utah and Colorado. Our fifteen grandchildren range from 2 years to 21 years. The oldest is a grand-daughter who is serving a church mission in Brazil.

Our one great interest that we found in life is traveling. We have been to many states of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We have been on 26 cruises all over the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Hawaii, many parts of the Pacific, and the Alaskan inside passage. Most of them we have done more than once.