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Dollie Busico

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Dollie Busico

Children: 2
Grandchildren: 4

Most memorable experience at Tooele High School:
Erasing talking marks from Foster Barrus' roll book.
Doing cleanup work for 2 weeks before first class (as punishment) for riding home from Lagoon in private cars instead of taking the bus.

Favorite teachers/class:
Gym & Typing

Brief update on life since leaving Tooele High School:
Shortly after graduating from Tooele High School I married Richard Gregrich. I was working for First Security Bank, while he finished his last year at the Univeristy of Utah. He then entered the Air Force and we traveled to San Antonio Texas, Moultrie Georgia, and Cheyenne Wyoming.

In between Richard's tour of Georgia and Cheyenne, he had to serve a year in Korea. I stayed with my parents, as I was expecting our daughter (Diane). She was born at Tooele Army Depot Hospital. When Richard completed his tour with the Air Force we returned to Tooele. Suzanne, our second daughter, was born in 1959. I went back to work for First Security Bank until I was hired at Tooele Army Depot. I worked for Finance & Accounting until I retired in Feb 1993 (with 22 years service).

Our daughter Diane married a Tooele boy (Von Miller). They have one son (Jeff), who graduated from the University of Utah in May 2001. He will be entering Medical School this year.

Suzanne married Tom Edmundson, who was a major in the Army. They were stationed at several military bases, so we were able to visit them in Georgia (where Erika was born), Minnesota, Texas and Germany. Again we were able to play on many more beautiful golf courses. While in Germany, they took us on a tour thru Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Italy. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Venice, the Vatican and the Cathedral were the most inspirational for me.

Natalie, Suzanne's second child, was born in Germany, so I was fortunate enough to take a second trip over there and spend one month with her. Tom is retired now, so they settled in Tooele. Cole is their youngest (5).

Three years ago Richard and I built a new home in Stansbury (on the golf course), so naturally you can guess where I spend most of my time. I play in many Ladies State Golf Tournaments, and in September 2001, I was lucky enough to win first place in the Super Senior Tournament, played on Valley View Golf Course (score of 87). Approximately 50 women over age 65 entered. I guess getting old has its advantages at times. HA! HA!